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This is a growing bibliography or rather one of these infamous “lists”. I will assemble texts, sites and projects I find interesting and (hopefully) link to blog posts that say what I do. I also invite you and my (future) guest writers to help collecting…of course there will be a little selfpromotion, too…It will grow, so make sure to check it out once in a while. New entries will appear on top.

// In my last post (Feb 8, 2021) I wrote about angry animals and the language of animacy. John Jeremiah Sullivan’s story Violence of the Lambs and Robin Wall Kimmerers essay “Speaking of Nature” deserve special mention!

// My love of Trees will become apparent in many posts, but here is one reason, why I love them so much. It’s a little text about two of Dresden’s more significant trees. You can read it in German on the phantastic Saxorum Blog or in English on the equally phantastic blog Botanical Letters

//There’s a cool project under way called The Mind of Plants headed by plant scholars/scientists Monica Gagliano, Patricia Vieira, and John Ryan. It will be a book, when it grows up, but already there’s a lot to discover (check out the videos).

//One of my favorite thing to tell people about is the Literary and Cultural Plant Studies Network. The foundresses, Joela Jacobs and Isabel Kranz, are not only wonderful colleagues, they built a community which deserves the name. There’s a newsletter, too.

// I’ll start with my own stuff… recently I have written a review (rather a reviewinge essay) about Valerie Trouet, Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings, (2020), an interesting book and you can read here, why I think so:
Edge Effects Review of Valerie Trouet’s Tree Story (September 2020)

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